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Barry Howard Homes case study thumbnail

Barry Howard Homes build strong foundations with IRIS Exchequer

Independent house builder, Barry Howard Homes Ltd, has been using IRIS Exchequer for over 4 years for its business and accounting software requirements.

Read Barry Howard Homes case study

The Federation of Master Builders case study thumbnails

The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) constructs its accounts using IRIS Exchequer

The FMB has been using IRIS Exchequer for over 6 years to accurately record transactions into the various cost centres it operates, and to produce timely and accurate reports for management.

Read FMB case study

Fitzroy case study thumbnail

Property group Fitzroy’s rapid expansion aided by IRIS Exchequer

IRIS Exchequer enables Fitzroy to control and manage their rapid expansion without an increase in headcount in the accounts department.

Read Fitzroy Property Group case study

JE Stacey case study thumbnail

JE Stacey & Co builds on its efficiency with IRIS Exchequer

JE Stacey opts for IRIS Exchequer on the grounds of efficiency and its ability for greater data recording and reporting facilities.

Read JE Stacey case study


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Fibrelite case study thumbnail

Fibrelite gain better control of their finances with IRIS Exchequer

Fibrelite has been using IRIS Exchequer Financials for over 4 years running as one company with different cost centres.

Read Fibrelite case study

TP Fay case study thumbnail

TP Fay goes green with IRIS Exchequer

T P Fay improves efficiency and gains a better system for managing stock with IRIS Exchequer.

Read TP Fay case study

Sherwood Scientific case study thumbnail

Sherwood Scientific choose IRIS Exchequer to handle stock control, reporting and works order processing

IRIS Exchequer matches the work-flow of Sherwood Scientific enabling the team to manage the supply of products on time and within budget.

Read Sherwood Scientific case study


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Wholesale and distribution

Claremont & May

Claremont & May improves productivity and accuracy by 50% with IRIS Exchequer

IRIS Exchequer improves sales, dispatch, delivery and customer service for Claremont & May.  

Read Claremont & May case study

Denmaur case study thumbnail

Denmaur reduces its paper trail with IRIS Exchequer

IRIS Exchequer improves the process of reporting at Denmaur with live links to Microsoft Excel.

Read Denmaur case study

Hot Wheels Case study

Accounting software overhaul supports 40% growth for cycle distributor

Hot Wheels International, a leading bicycle and skateboard distributor, has invested in IRIS Exchequer in order to keep pace with the company’s expansion.

Read Hot Wheels case study

New Forest Precision case study thumbnail

IRIS Exchequer delivers over 15 years of simple and efficient financial management to New Forest Precision

IRIS Exchequer increases efficiency and improves reporting at New Forest Precision.

Read New Forest Precision case study


IRIS Exchequer is the future-proof way forward for Yateson Stainless

Yateson Stainless were keen to work with a large and stable organisation which would be of long-term benefit to their business.

Read Yateson Stainless case study

Read the GH Tayberry case study

Tayberry saves £50K in under 12 months thanks to IRIS Exchequer

IRIS Exchequer facilitated GH Tayberry's business growth by decreasing the data inputting work and increasing the time staff can give to new sales opportunities, delivering savings equivalent to £50k in just 10 months!

Read GH Tayberry case study


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Compassion in World Farming case study thumbnail

Compassion in World Farming upgrades its financial management systems with IRIS Exchequer

IRIS Exchequer provides tighter budget control and eliminates paperwork at leading international farm animal welfare organisation.

Read Compassion in World Farming case study

Action for Kids case study

Not-for-profit specialist systems, IRIS Exchequer and IRIS CARE, work together to help Action for Kids increase effectiveness

IRIS Exchequer provides the essential information to enable Action for Kids to monitor their projected growth.

Read Action for Kids case study

Canterbury Cathedral case study

Dean & Chapter of Canterbury rings the changes with IRIS Exchequer

IRIS Exchequer empowers Dean & Chapter of Canterbury to have all the information they need available at the touch of a button.

Read Canterbury Cathedral case study

National Society for Epilepsy case study thumbnail

National Society for Epilepsy saves £40k a year as a result of implementing IRIS Exchequer

IRIS Exchequer has delivered a significant return on investment for the National Society for Epilepsy both financially and due to increased productivity.

Read National Society for Epilepsy's case study


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Other industries

Daly Electrical case study thumbnail

Daly Electrical choose IRIS Exchequer for a truly integrated financial management solution

IRIS helps to improve the level of service offered to Daly’s customers. 

Read Daly Electrical case study

Fast Web Media case study thumbnail

Fast Web Media sees total control from start to finish since adopting IRIS Exchequer

IRIS Exchequer significantly improves profitability at Fast Web Media, specialists in web design, online marketing and search engine optimisation.

Read Fast Web Media case study

Telford College case study thumbnail

IRIS Exchequer gets full marks from Edinburgh’s Telford College

Edinburgh’s Telford College has immediate access to any account information at the touch of a button with IRIS Exchequer.

Read Telford College case study

The Junction case study thumbnail

Job costing gets easier for The Junction thanks to IRIS Exchequer

IRIS Exchequer produces board level management accounts, budgets, forecasts, cashflow analysis, consolidations and financial modelling at the touch of a button for The Junction.

Read The Junction case study

Yarborough School case study

IRIS Exchequer comes top of the class with Yarborough School

The new term brings in a new learning experience for the staff of the accounts department as they have implemented IRIS Exchequer to manage the school’s expenditure and financial reporting.

Read Yarborough School case study

Hull University case study thumbnail

Hull University students' union saves £30k a year as a result of adopting IRIS Exchequer

Since implementing IRIS Exchequer, Hull University Union has cut 40 hours per week off their previous manual practices of data entry and reporting.

Read Hull University Union's case study


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